How to break up with Girls ??

Searching on internet for how to break up with girls without getting hurt ? Are you not in a good position to continue your relationship with your girlfriend? Thinking how to break up with girls ? It is never simple to break up as you were in a close relationship with your girlfriend earlier. You can breakup with anyone only with solid reasons. With this article, you will find out the tips and tricks to break up with your girl friend.

If you are in a confusion on how to break up with girls then this is the article is for you.

Here is the simple article on How to break up with Girls ??

What is break up?

Relationship breakup or simply breakup  with girls is ending the relationship not by death but by means of any other things. It is often referred as ‘dumping’ if the breakup is from one side. If it happens after engagement but before marriage, then it is called as ‘break up engagement’. This term is usually not applicable to married couples as it will be termed as ‘divorce’ or ‘separation’. Break up can occur based on any reasons. It may be due to disrespect, not allowing one to do their lovable things, not allowing one to meet their close ones, not having faith and so on. Any relationship will not last for a long time if any of the above things are occurring in life. You can rate your relationship on a scale of one to ten. You can find where your relationship stay in that scale. It may vary according to the time. If you find it is not in the expected value, then you have to either sacrifice your life for your partner or you have sacrifice your partner for your life. The choice will be yours. If you find the relationship is not going to work, then you can breakup with your girl by bidding a good bye. It is not easy to say good bye to any relationship as it would have come across several good memories to cherish in your lifetime. But it is nowhere written like you cannot break up. You can breakup in a way that both of you does not get affected. Plan properly before you break up so that you could avoid any bad happenings. You can break up with your girls by highlight the below points whatever applies to you.

Steps to follow How to break up with Girls ??

1.Solid reason for breakup with girls:

No one will accept anything without a valid reason. For breakup with your girlfriend, you need a solid reason that is more convincing to the other person. Just saying that they are not your perfect match is not convincing. They would not allow you to do so. Tell your girlfriend a worthy reason for the breakup that will convince her to accept that. There are several valid points for breaking up with girls in relationship which are as follows.


Every human being expects respect. If your partner does not respect you, project it as the reason for break up.


If you are not enjoying your time with your partner, then that bored relationship is not going to last forever. Tell this is as a valid point and convince your girlfriend.

3.Love is not persisting:

If you find you are not living her in the way you used to love her at the beginning, then you can high light it as a strong reason for break up.


A relationship should lie within two persons. If any other person comes in between both of you, then it is better to break up with girls that person saying the same reason.

5.Calculative relationship:

If your girlfriend uses you to get her things done, you can break up with girls highlighting this as the reason.

2.Choose right time to speak:

Make sure that you choose a correct time where both of you can speak without any distractions or disturbances. Choose evening or night time to speak about how to break up with girls. If you choose morning time to speak, then both of your entire days will get disturbed. Prefer Friday to speak so that you can deal with your feelings privately on weekends. Do not pick Holidays or any important days as that whole day will get spoiled after the discussion.

3.Choose a perfect place to speak:

Pick a perfect place for discussing with your partner. Prefer Park, coffee shop, school yard or any room where you can break up without many distractions. If you do not have any idea on how to break up with girls and how she will react after opening your decision, then it is advisable to meet her in a public place. Do not break up with girls over messages, mails or call. It will degrade the respect she has on you. If both of you are at long distance, then use Skype.

4.Say it first:

Breaking up is very hard. It is better to say it first rather after a long time which will be more painful for her to accept. You can say like
1. I think things are not going in a right way between us. We need to break up.
2. It may not be a big surprise to you. I think we should call off things between us.
3. You are more important to me. But I think we should break off.

5.Give explanation for why and how to break up with girls:

Think about the situations based on which you decided to break up. Give full explanation to her. Do not list each and every situation you felt bad. This will make her feel defensive. Tell her like

“I think it is very hard for you to hear about the break up. But there is no other way for both of us. You are having your own aspirations and things. In the same way I have for mine. Initially I thought both of us will match. But it is really not matching. We are not compatible with each other. So now it’s time to breakup so that we can live happily in our own world.”

6.Realize your mistakes and apologize if possible:

If your girlfriend have cheated you, manipulated you or disrespected you, you need not have to apologize. Any relationship bears responsibility on both sides. Her actions would have disturbed you and your actions might have disturbed her. Try to realize your mistakes. If you find any then take an opportunity to apologize for the mistakes.
You can say like
1. I know half of the mistakes are on my side. I apologize for it. I have pushed you when you needed someone. I isolated you from your friends.
2. I deserve half of the blame. I should not allow you to disrespect me or my friends. I should have informed you at the beginning that I do not like that.

7.Stay calm:

How To Break up with girls discussions may go in different ways. Do not try to win the argument. Stay calm and try to think in your girlfriend’s point of you. Do your best to make her not to feel bad. She may act bad, but do not lose your temper.

8.Talk to her:

She may have questions. Answer her properly. Let her think on her side. If the conversation goes in circles, Tell her politely that
“I know it is difficult to get things off. The discussion is going on in circles. Take your time and we will talk a bit later about this.”

9.Plan thoroughly:

If you are sure about your break up with girls and if you are very strong in your decision, you can breakup with her boldly. On the other hand, think on her side as well. Be prepared for the questions like How she will react for this, will she be able to accept It, how the consequences will be etc. Make sure you tell everything in a good way. Think about her emotional mind set as well. If she is a timid or a shy girl who does not accept things easily, you have to be very careful on opening up the news. If she is a very bold girl, then you have to be much careful on how she will react about it. Because many times after hearing the news, girls will start shouting or crying loudly. This may be sometimes uncontrollable. So plan for everything and act according to the situation.

10.Don’ts in break up:

There are no rules for breakup. You should also follow the don’ts which will make the break up easier.
1. Do not treat them badly after a break up. Treat them how you want to get treated.
2. Do not allow any other third person know about your break up. It is okay to share things with friends. But do not explain them about each and everything.
3. People says one can stay as a friend after break up. But it is really not. It may give them a false hope that you may accept them again in future. Do not give them such ideas.
4. Do not start your relationship with any one even if you love them before breaking up with your ex. This is called as cheating and your character will gets degraded in their heart. Wait for some time till everything becomes normal after your breakup. Then start your relationship with your loved ones.

How to Break Up With Girls & Recover After A Break Up?

It is very hard to recover after a break up. It is common for both the sides irrespective of the person who declared to break up or the person on other side. Functional MRI Brain scan studies reveals that withdrawal of romantic relationship is similar to the withdrawal of substances like cocaine or opioids. In other way, there is nothing like it is not at all possible.

You can follow the below tips and tricks to overcome after the breakup.

  • Do not think about the days you spent together. It will disturb you again and again. It can cause mental stress and you may feel guilty on what you have done.
  • Do not think about why the break up happened. This will stress you more and will trouble you.
  • Forget about the things which made you to break up. It will act like a siren in your mind and remind your girlfriend’s thoughts. If the thoughts are un bearable, write down everything in a paper and fire it up. This seems like a silly idea. It is actually not. It is an excellent idea for erasing all your bad memories.
  • Do not check your girlfriend’s availability on social media. Do not check their status or what they are posting in WhatsApp, fb or any other social networks. It will trigger you and you may feel missing them.
  • Do not give any attention to her if you are facing her on daily basis. If you start giving attention, you will start to think about her. You may even try to start the relationship again.
  • Do not give much importance to her thoughts. Divert your thoughts to your hobbies, talk with your loved ones, and spent time with some kids and so on. This will give you instant energy and refreshment. This will make your life easier and happier.
  • List down the comprises that you would have done for your ex and feel happy that there is no more comprises you have to do now. Do what you love.
  • Reach out your trusted friends and stay in touch with them when you feel emotional. They will help you to surpass the feeling.
  • Be with friends, family or close ones till you are out of your girlfriend’s thoughts. It will help you to recover faster. If you spent time with them, then your feelings for your girlfriend will start to vanish. Sometimes they may give your ideas on how to overcome your feelings for her.
  • Do not start a relationship immediately after the breakup. Take some time to think and relax. Begin your new life with good mind set.
  • Stick to your decision once you have taken that. Do not be in a dilemma about whether your decision is correct or not.
  • Be busy and concentrate on your work or hobbies that will keep you relaxed and normal.

If you are confused about how to break up with girls then Follow everything that is explained in this article if you are in situation to break up or in a situation unable to overcome your feelings after the breakup. If you think this article is helpful, share this with your friends and family.