How To Break Up With Girls – Part 2

Love is a feeling which excites a person. Also, it makes people feel that everything is interesting. Particularly it is an intense feeling of care and attraction towards another person. To further take the feelings to a next step, people try to share their feelings with their special one. And its if both agree then it gives rise to a relationship of love and understanding. If the understanding between the two is good then they will have deep relationship. But if after sometime because of various reasons they do not feel comfortable with each other then it will lead to break-up. This article discusses about the reasons and how to break up with girls respectfully without hurting the other person’s feelings.

How to say for break up with girls confidently??

When you decide to take the step of separation from your loved one. Then you must follow some do’s and don’ts so that everything takes less time to get back to normal. Also, the person is not hurt by the decision also the girls are even more emotional so be careful while saying this. The do’s are discussed below:

  1. Think before what are you going to say- You must think on your words. This might hurt the other person so you should decide and prepare yourself before you go and say for breakup. And be careful because girls are more emotional towards their feelings.
  2. Be honest-  Be honest on your words. Being honest doesn’t mean that you are getting harsh on your words. Honestly tell the reason for this decision.
  3. Start the conversation by telling the qualities-  You must

Start the conversation by telling the qualities that was the reason for your developed feelings.

  1. Be polite- Talk very politely so that the other person doesn’t get hurt and you will be able to have the conversation freely.
  2. Say it face-to- face or on phone call- You should prefer to clear the conversation face-to-face or if not possible then try to say it on a phone call. You should not use texting option because it might get rude on your part.

Now, the don’ts while saying this:

  1. Don’t avoid the conversation- Don’t avoid the conversation with your partner. Instead say it clearly because girls are emotional they can get hurt with your behaviour. So, try to talk instead of avoiding the conversation.
  2. Don’t disrespect- You should not disrespect the other person. Be respectful and talk calmly.

These were some do’ and don’ts you can consider before you say it to your partner.

How to break up with girls or your partner??

It’s not easy to say directly to your partner as it may hurt the other person. So, here are some points you can consider before you say.

  1. Start very calmly and respectfully.
  2. Then instead of saying directly say that you want to talk something important.
  3. Start by mentioning the qualities of the person or talk about the time spent together.
  4. Then say what is not working.
  5. Then say respectfully that you have decided to breakup.
  6. Then you should say sorry for this decision. Realizing your mistake will not hurt too much to the other person.
  7. Now, ask the person if everything is right and ask her to move on as someone else deserves this place.

Also give time to you partner to think and say something on your decision.

Conclusion :

Concluding the above it can be said that though the decision of break-up is not easy especially for the girls it’s not easy to accept that this. If you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings too much then you should be respectful and calm. Instead of involving yourself in conflict with her you should try to calm her too because she might get too much hurt with this decision. After saying this you should not end up the conversation but you should stay in touch with each other. Also, you should be sorry for this decision. And be clear with what you have said, you should make everything clear to her yourself and be honest while saying this. You should yourself clear everything and tell her the actual reason for breakup. How to breakup with your girlfriend might be difficult but you have to be calm on your saying if you have decided to do so. You should also listen to your girlfriend and give her time to accept this.